(1) Places where I find information and how I search for it – episode one – TheyWorkForYou.com

I am interested in what politicians have to say about diabetes in Parliamentary discussions. I’m also interested to hear their thoughts on insulin, stem cells, cord blood and organ donation.

TheyWorkForYou.com – This site lets you search the Parliamentary record (which has been transcribed by the Hansard Society and tweaked by the people behind TheyWorkForYou.com to make it really user-friendly) for words or phrases of interest.

I’ve set up an email alert which sends me regular updates whenver my terms are used.

It’s apparently also easy to set searches up as an RSS newsfeed (which will automatically update itself when new info is added) for RSS aggregators, such as Bloglines. If you wanted an RSS feed for the search term diabetes you might copy and paste this URL http://www.theyworkforyou.com/search/rss/?s=diabetes into your aggregator, although I’m sure there’s a simpler way of doing this that currently eludes me.

Sometimes I use Google to query the website by typing site: in front of the website I want Google to search. This restricts the sites that Google will return results from (if you play around in the Advanced Search options you’ll find this along with many other options) for example, typing the following site:theyworkforyou.com diabetes insulin into the Google search box gives the following results:



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