Diabetes and the internet / Twitter / Web 2.0 etc.

On Twitter @berci is collating Web 2.0 / interactive resources for people with diabetes so I have put together a list of some of the people and organisations that I am following, which I hope will be helpful to Berci and others. Also included are some online communities.

It most certainly is not an exhaustive list and if you feel slighted that you’re not there then please let me know @jobrodie – also if you’re here and would rather not be let me know that too.

General advice – do not act on any medical information that you read about in a forum, ‘tweet’ or blog post until you have spoken to your own healthcare team (ie people who are medically trained and have your medical records and can advise you as an individual).

Diabetes news / organisations
@DiabetesUK (the official Twitter channel at Diabetes UK)
@tudiabetes (tudiabetes is a global online community with forums)
@jdrf (JDRF Australia)
@thediabetesoc (The Diabetes OC) – blog including blog roll of other diabetes bloggers
@WDD – news about World Diabetes Day

People who post about diabetes
@askmanny (owner of tudiabetes)
@guy1067 (father of a small child with diabetes)
@utahdiabetes (Utah Diabetes Prevention and Control Program)
@contrarycook (person with diabetes)
@sixuntilme (person with diabetes)
@bishop1073 (person with diabetes)
@dsainsights (person with diabetes)

Diabetes UK on Facebook, BeBo and MySpace (I need to check the links for these!)
ChildrenWithDiabetes – US and UK
islet.org – for people with Type 1 diabetes
The Diabetes Portal is no longer active, but I wanted to include it here as it was an absolutely fantastic resource for me when I began working in the area of diabetes, in helping me find out more about the condition.



One comment

  1. Grant

    Thanks for the list, mentioning the Utah Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (at the Utah Department of Health) and your blog! Looking forward to more posts and interactions in the future.

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