Small Friday afternoon diabetes science quiz

A little diabetes quiz – most of it can be answered from Google but the last one requires a little bit of calculation. I don’t think there’s a prize unfortunately but I hope you enjoy it.

1. Metformin is derived from a chemical constituent found in which flowering plant?

2. In which year were the discoverers of insulin awarded a Nobel Prize (‘in Physiology or Medicine’) and who were they?

3. Insulin is a peptide (‘small protein’) hormone – how many amino acids does it contain?

4. What percentage of the pancreas is devoted to producing hormones such as insulin and glucagon?

5. If your blood glucose level is 5mmol/l (5 millimoles per litre) how many grammes of glucose are circulating in your blood?
You’ll probably need at least the first two bits of information below to calculate this.

  • you have about 5 litres of blood (8 pints) in your body
  • 1 mole of glucose weighs about 180 grammes
  • 1 mole contains 1,000 millimoles or ‘mmol’
  • 5mmol/l means 5 millimoles per litre – mmol is an amount, litre is a volume and so mmol/l is a concentration.

Of course there’s an easier way to answer this, by using one of the online converters to shift mmol/l into mg/dl (units typically used in the US) and then calculate up from that šŸ™‚


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