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Today’s Top Diabetes Stories…

FREE iPhone Diabetes Applications

With the rise of the iPhone and the creation of hundreds of thousands of iPhone applications, it’s only natural that several wonderful apps have appeared to make life easier for diabetes patients. Here is a quick look at 10 FREE applications, in no particular order, to help you choose the right ones for you.

Diabetes Health Mobile
by Diabetes Health
Released June 2010

Diabetes Health Mobile gives you access to the top news articles and blogs posted to our website. You can read articles from our main "Top News & Blogs" as well as from your favorite categories; Type 1, Type 2, Pre-Diabetes, Kids & Teens, or Professional.  See something you like?  Post it straight to Twitter and share it with your friends, or email it instead, it’s easy with one tap! Feel free to change the tabs across the bottom of the screen to add your favorite categories for one tap access. The application offers the two most recent editions in our Digital Edition library and the two most recent posts in our Diabetes Health TV library for you to watch from anywhere at any time. Read more…

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10 Tips for Being the Good Patient

I’ve been told by my medical team, those who work hard to make sure I live a healthy life with my diabetes, that I am a "good patient."   They are pleased that I do what I am supposed to:  check my blood sugar, keep my appointments, eat healthy foods, and exercise. They also remark that they wish all their patients took their diabetes management as seriously as I do.

Being a good patient is a win-win situation.  First, it empowers one to learn about his or her disease and implement that education into daily self-care.  Second, being a good patient means the respect often goes both ways.  When the patient is "good," the doctor can recognize the patient’s positive attitude and seriousness and respond in a more helpful, effective manner.

After four years with diabetes and too many medical appointments to count, I have learned how to successfully navigate a trip to the doctor’s office.   Even though it takes some work and preparation, the payoff is priceless.  So, how can you become a good patient? Read more…

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BD Announces U.S. Launch of BD Vacutainer?? Push Button Blood Collection Set with Pre-Attached Holder

BD Diagnostics, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), announced today the U.S. launch of the BD Vacutainer?? Push Button Blood Collection Set with Pre-Attached Holder. The ready-to-use product has been designed to help protect healthcare workers from accidental needlestick injuries (NSIs) during the blood collection process and to prevent reuse of the tube holder. 

"The pre-attached holder provides additional protection from tube holder-end needlestick injuries.  When used as intended, this product virtually eliminates a healthcare worker’s exposure to a contaminated needle," said Dr. Ana Stankovic, Worldwide Vice President – Medical and Scientific Affairs and Clinical Operations, BD Diagnostics – Preanalytical Systems. "In the healthcare setting where every second is valuable, this new product also helps healthcare professionals focus more on patient care by reducing the time required to collect blood for diagnostic testing."

As with the original BD Vacutainer?? Push Button Blood Collection Set (PBBCS), the new product’s in-vein activation of the safety device provides split-second protection against NSIs.  After adopting the PBBCS, one hospital reported an 88 percent reduction in NSIs involving butterfly needles, with zero NSIs in the final 21 months after implementing the product.(1) Read more…

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