Some favourite quotes about #diabetes

 I  ve come across these quotes in my diabetes-related work and I think they  re quite thought provoking.

“We have all seen and read where 2 Altoids, a squirt of Chanel No.5 and a haircut seems to cure mice of diabetes.”
Allen on

“The real problem is that injected insulin is such a crude method for regulating blood glucose. It is like driving a car with your eyes closed, other than taking a peek every few hours. You never get it right, always giving too much or too little insulin.”
Al Gordon on

“Lauren (14) has had a medical appointment every two hours of her life for the past eight years.
Moira McCarthy Stanford (past president of the JDRF and Lauren’s mother)

“In the successful treatment of diabetics the patient, the nurse, the practitioner and the specialist are often partners working together to establish the patient’s health. In the long run the most important part, the melody, is played by the patient and the accompaniment may be almost unheard.”
R D Lawrence, co-founder of Diabetes UK.

“Fundraising groups must walk a fine line when presenting the diabetes community to the public. As Hoover says, she can go to a company such as General Motors and describe diabetes as a terrible disease with ghastly complications, and ask for money to find a cure. Then she may go back the next day to General Motors and present the person with diabetes as dependable as well as productive, and ask General Motors to give the person with diabetes a job.”
Joan Hoover, board member of “Diabetes Interview” – taken from an article in Diabetes Health



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