cc @DiabetesUK Annual Professional Conference: Named lectures 2012: call for nominations #diabetes

I’ve mentioned CHAIN (useful network for healthcare professionals, academics and related people) before – it was nice to see my own employer pop up in this email.
Not surprisingly I’ve mentioned CHAIN to colleagues too, although they were probably already aware of it. I first heard of it via Trisha Greenhalgh’s book on ‘How to Read a Paper’ which is a really good explanation of how to make sense of published medical information.

Both CHAIN and Trisha’s book are highly recommended by me.

Our Annual Professional Conference is jolly interesting and I hope to get along to this one, I think it’s in London’s Excel centre.


Named lectures 2012


Diabetes UK are inviting healthcare professionals to put themselves forward as potential speakers for these highly respected awards.


Apart from being the ultimate platform from which to disseminate information about recent developments in research or progressive thinking about healthcare, they are also considered to be one of the highest recognitions for anyone working in diabetes care. 


Each lecture carries the following: an honorarium; free attendance at the three-day conference; travel and accommodation. 


Completed nominations must be received by Friday 26 November 2010.


For further information see website:



CHAIN – Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network – an online network for people working in health and social care.  It is based around specific areas of interest, and gives people a simple and informal way of contacting each other to exchange ideas and share knowledge.  For more information on CHAIN and joining the network please visit website:



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