For NHS people, mostly: involving people living with #diabetes cc @DiabetesUK

Here’s a message from my colleague Corinne J

I’ve written at length on CHAIN but in case you’re not sure what it is please see the bit at the end.

The email below has been sent to 305 people who are members of CHAIN (people working in a variety of health and social care jobs in different sectors) and who’ve selected diabetes as a particular interest, so it’s a good way to reach that audience.



CHAIN member Corinne McCrum, from Diabetes UK, would like to draw your attention to the following report and resource related to involving people living with diabetes.  Please circulate as appropriate.  Thank you.




Evaluation of the User Involvement in Local Diabetes Care project

This two year project, which focussed on services for adults with diabetes, was led by Diabetes UK and funded by NHS Diabetes.

Making Involvement Happen

Diabetes UK has developed an online practical resource  Making Involvement Happen, which is designed to be a simple guide to involving people living with diabetes in NHS organisations, either for PCTs or GP consortia. It includes practical tips, quotes from healthcare professionals, case studies and resources based on Diabetes UK user involvement work with a wide range of NHS organisations.

CHAIN – Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network – an online network for people working in health and social care.  It is based around specific areas of interest, and gives people a simple and informal way of contacting each other to exchange ideas and share knowledge.  For more information on CHAIN and joining the network please visit website:


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