Spin the wheel – glycaemic index wheels from the IDF

This is quite fun although I was initially baffled by it.

Hover over the image below and move from left to right, there are clearly two wheels. If you click on the left wheel (for individual food items) and then move your mouse up and down the wheel will rotate and, when you click on an item, it will tell you what that food item’s glycaemic index measure is. If you click on the right hand side wheel and rotate it you can click on each of the named food groups to bring up a detailed powerpoint presentation about the role of that particular nutritional item in health.

That’s rather clever! I’ve not worked out how to ‘go back’ so have just pressed F5 to refresh when I wanted to start it again.



Here’s what I said in the comments on my test post before I worked out how it worked šŸ˜‰

1. OK that’s pretty weird, when you click on it it opens a powerpoint presentation about dietary fats…

2. Oh no wait!! This is AY-MAY-ZING!! Click on it, it enlarges and then you can spin the wheel and open up different powerpoint presentations depending on what thing you click on. Holy crap that’s awesome šŸ˜€

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    Wheel on the left spins automatically, wheel on the right needs clicking and dragging and there is a ‘Home’ link that appears so you don’t need to do the F5 refresh business. Like this a lot.

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