[Event] Safe management of the surgical patient with #diabetes ??? Thursday, 12th July 2012, RSM

I’m on the NHS Diabetes mailing list and this came through today. When I worked as a science information officer we did have some, though not many, questions about surgical stuff and I’ve got a few blog posts planned about (a) icodextrin & the enzymes used in blood glucose meters (b) contrast media & metformin and (c) addressing a too-high HbA1c before surgery can go ahead. Not to mention islet cell transplantation which is the largest surgical project that I worked on.



Safe management of the surgical patient with diabetes
Thursday 12th, July, 2012
Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE

This is a day meeting organised by the Endocrinology & Diabetes Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in association with NHS Diabetes.  Speakers include Anna Morton, Director of NHS Diabetes, Dr Gerry Rayman, National Clinical Lead for Inpatient Diabetes and Dr Rowan Hillson, National Clinical Director for Diabetes – see the programme below or download the event flyer (PDF 230.5KB) for more details.


Register online here or download the registration form (PDF 230.5KB).


10.00 am Registration tea and coffee

10.20 am Welcome

10.25 am Introduction: Anna Morton, Director, NHS Diabetes and Kidney Care

10.30 am Setting the scene: Inpatient diabetes care: Dr Gerry Rayman, National Clinical Lead, Ipswich

10.45 am Critical Incidents with peri-operative insulin: June James, Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Leicester; David Garret, NHS Commissioning Board, Patient Safety

11.05 am Why do we need this national guidance? What’s in the guideline: Ketan Dhataryia, Consultant Physician, Norwich

11.40 am The Alberti Regime – the cornerstone of the perioperative management of the surgical patient with diabetes: Professor George Hall, Professor of Anaesthesia, St George’s Hospital

11.50 am Methods of glycaemic control in the 21st century: Dr Nicholas Levy, Consultant Anaesthetist, Bury St Edmunds

12.00 pm The role of day surgery and preoperative assessment in improving the management of the surgical patient with diabetes: Dr Rachel Morris, Consultant Anaesthetist, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

12.20 pm Discussion

12.40 pm Lunch

1.30 pm Application of the ERPP to the surgical patient with diabetes: Speaker to be confirmed

1.50 pm Experience of implementing the guidelines: Kath Higgins, Consultant Physician, Leicester

2.10 pm Case presentations

3.00 pm Tea and coffee break

3.20 pm How do we get national implementation: Panel Discussion: Dr Rowan Hillson, National Clinical Director for Diabetes,Dr Peter Nightingale, President of RCA,Prof Cliff Sherman, Southampton representing RCSDr Kath Higgins, Leicester

4.00 pm Completion of evaluation forms

4.05 pm Close of meeting


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