#Diabetes UK Professional Conference Named Lectures 2014: call for nominations


Diabetes UK Professional Conference Named Lectures 2014: call for nominations

Diabetes UK is calling for Named Lecture nominations for the Diabetes UK Professional Conference in 2014. The Named Lectures are a central feature of the conference which is the largest event of its kind in the UK for diabetes healthcare professionals. Previously they have attracted some of the most forward-thinking scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals in diabetes care. They are considered to be one of the highest accolades for anyone working in the field of diabetes.

The deadline for nominations for the Named Lectures 2014 is Friday 30 November 2012. The successful applications are to be announced at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2013.

To nominate yourself or a colleague, email governance@diabetes.org.uk or call 020 7424 1000. For more details, including a nomination form, visit www.diabetes.org.uk/Named_lectures


Info on the 2013 conference is here http://www.diabetes.org.uk/Diabetes-UK-Professional-Conference/Programme/

Named lectures means that they’re named after someone important in the history of diabetes, eg Banting memorial lecture after Frederick Banting who was one of the discoverers of insulin back in the 1920s and who received (with JRR Macleod) the Nobel prize for its discovery.

The named lectures are:

  • Arnold Bloom Lecture
  • Banting Memorial Lecture
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture
  • Janet Kinson Lecture
  • Mary MacKinnon Lecture
  • RD Lawrence Lecture

I mention this because I just happened to remember the first time I came across this phrase and wondered what it meant – it’s immediately obvious once it’s explained of course. Similarly I knew about eponymous diseases before I knew they were called eponymous diseases 🙂 Anyway… I digress…

This is for the lectures at the “DPC” or Diabetes UK Professional Conference taking place next year. This used to be called the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference or “APC” but after clashes with the Annual Pistachio Conference the conference was rebranded*.

*this might not be exactly true (although there really is an Annual Pistachio Conference, and some confused tweets on the #apc2010 hashtag).

How I got this message
It’s from CHAIN, membership’s free:


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