How many people have diabetes in the UK? 2013-2014 figures

Here’s a table I wrote in Word, with footnote references, and I’ve copied and pasted it here and hope it all works… this just includes people over the age of 17 and those who are diagnosed and registered.

Nation Numbers of people >17 with diabetes
England 2,814,004[1]
Northern Ireland 81,867[2]
Scotland 259,986[3]
Wales 177,212[4]
TOTAL 3,333,069

[1] England: Cell M21 in tab ‘DM’ in QOF 2013-14: Prevalence, achievements and exceptions at region and nation level for England from Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) – 2013-14 (published 28 October 2014).

[2] Northern Ireland: Cell F14 in “Diabetes Indicator (MS Excel 77KB)”, from Achievement Data at Local Commissioning Group (LCG) Level 2013/14 (30 September 2014) . Previous QOF info.

[3] Scotland: Cell i20 in tab ‘by QOF register’ in file Prevalence reported from QOF registers (practices with any contract type) [xls] from Register and prevalence data at Scotland, NHS Board and CHP level, via Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF), data for 2013-2014.

[4] Wales: Cell E15 in QOF data summary for Wales and local health boards, 2013-14 from StatsWales’ GMS Contract page.

More on the individual stats

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