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Quality and Outcomes Framework – how many people have #diabetes? (in Northern Ireland)

There are 81,867  people with diabetes in Northern Ireland, as of data released on 30 September 2014. Last year it was 79,072.

QOF roundup (see links below for how I got these figures)
England – 2,814,004
Scotland – 259,986
Northern Ireland – 81,867
Wales – not got there yet

After my customary faffing about and looking in vain in what turned out to be the wrong place I eventually found the right place to start looking. Here’s the routemap to get there (obviously the last link will take you straight there, but like me you might do this every year and welcome instructions. I know I will this time next year 😉

To double-check / sanity check I took the number (81,867) and googled it + diabetes, and found an official-looking article that also suggested it was correct. Of course we could both be wrong 😉

Further reading
Statistical press release – Northern Ireland Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Information 2013/14 (30 September 2014) Northern Ireland Executive

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