Unconvincing diabetes claims

Websites where I’m yet to be convinced of the evidence presented for the claims made…

These are pages where I’m either not wholly convinced by the claims made (and am not sure that evidence supports the claims) or I am looking into the claims made. If you know of good quality evidence (spare me the anecdotes) then do let me know, thanks.

Diabain[www.]diabain.com – evidence offered for individual ingredients, which tells me nothing about how those ingredients (when combined) contribute to blood glucose levels either safely or effectively. Pah.

Diabetone: [www.]vitabiotics.com/Diabetone/ – Having read the original published research I was not convinced by the claims and see that the manufacturers have an Advertising Standards Authority adjudication against them for the claims made. Sensibly they now talk just in terms of ‘wellbeing’ although it’s pretty vague and I can’t really see much of a reason for taking these pills unless you’ve been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency (in which case I’m guessing your doctor might give you a much cheaper prescription).

The Diabetes Debacle: supernutritionacademy.com/diabetes/ – I need to watch the 15 minute video but the phrases on the website are also of interest.

Live Blood Test: [www.]livebloodtest.com/who_is_it_for.php?gid=Diabetes%20|%20Harley%20Street – this is one of many websites offering live blood analysis, which is of no medical benefit. It is often accompanied by paid-for nutritional advice (which people can get free from a registered dietitian through their GP) and occasionally unnecessary supplements. While I’m sure the advice could result in weight loss and an improvement in symptoms it’s nothing to do with the live blood analysis. This particular practitioner has had numerous adjudications upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority because of misleading claims made on a couple of websites.

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